2018-10-18 17:00:00

"Drinking at least 4 cups a day could slash your risk of rosacea by 20%," reports the Mail Online.

2018-10-17 18:00:00

'Every hour kids spend online increases chance of buying junk food by a fifth' reports The Daily Telegraph

2018-10-16 16:00:00

'HPV vaccine does NOT make girls more likely to have 'risky' sex' the Mail Online reports

2018-10-10 00:00:00

“Shunning alcohol becomes 'mainstream' among young people as a third are now teetotal,” reports The Independent.

2018-10-09 14:23:00

Vaginal mesh surgery should only be used as a "last resort" to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, it was widely reported today.

2018-10-04 17:00:00

'Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains' BBC News reports

2018-10-03 11:01:00

'Antidepressant withdrawal 'hits millions'' BBC News reports

2018-10-01 17:00:00

'Dementia can be beaten with 10-minute bursts of daily exercise' is the over-optimistic headline in the Daily Mirror

2018-09-27 17:00:00

'Limiting children's recreational screen use has been linked with improved cognition' BBC News reports

2018-09-26 16:00:00

'Eating a Mediterranean diet may help prevent depression, research suggests' BBC News reports

2018-09-25 17:00:00

'More than a million over-65s may suffer dangerous side-effects because they are taking herbal remedies and dietary supplements alongside drugs prescribed by their GP' the Mail Online reports

2018-09-19 17:00:00

'Air pollution could be responsible for 60,000 cases of dementia in the UK, a major study suggests' the Mail Online reports

2018-09-18 17:00:00

'Midwives call for pregnancy weight targets after study highlights health risks' The Guardian reports

2018-09-17 16:00:00

'Millions of healthy people who take aspirin to ward off illness in old age are unlikely to benefit from the drug, a trial has found' The Guardian reports

2018-09-13 17:00:00

'Crowdfunding sites may help fuel pseudoscience and bogus cancer cures, investigation finds' The Independent reports

2018-09-12 17:00:00

'Dairy food in moderation 'may protect the heart'' The Guardian reports

2018-09-11 17:00:00

'Sharp rise in young people overdosing on painkillers and antidepressants' The Guardian reports

2018-09-06 17:00:00

'Statins not recommended for healthy pensioners over 75, new study finds' The Daily Telegraph reports

2018-09-05 17:00:00

'Airport security trays carry more viruses than toilet surfaces' reports The Guardian.

2018-09-04 17:00:00

'People born using IVF six times more likely to suffer dangerously high blood pressure' reports The Sun

2018-08-30 17:00:00

'Teenagers who drink and smoke even moderate amounts can suffer stiffening arteries by the age of 17, a new study has found' The Daily Telegraph reports

2018-08-29 17:00:00

'Nearly a quarter of 14-year-old girls in the UK said they had self-harmed, a report suggests' BBC News reports

2018-08-28 17:00:00

'A major study has found promising results for the safety of a weight-loss drug available in the US' BBC News reports

2018-08-23 17:00:00

'Use honey first for a cough, new guidelines say' BBC News reports

2018-08-22 17:00:00

'ADOPTING four healthy lifestyle habits might slash your chances of developing dementia, new research suggests' The Sun reports