2018-08-16 17:00:00

'Britain and the US are the only two western nations where life expectancy is falling' the Mail Online reports

2018-08-15 17:00:00

'Babies and young children in prams can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than adults, a study suggests' BBC News reports

2018-08-14 17:00:00

'E-cigarettes are MORE harmful than first feared, experts warn' reports The Sun.

2018-08-09 17:00:00

'Wearing looser underpants could be a simple way for men to improve their sperm count and the hormones that control it, a US study suggests' BBC News reports

2018-08-08 16:00:00

'Ritalin-type drugs best to treat ADHD in children, shows study' The Guardian reports

2018-08-07 17:00:00

'Female heart attack patients treated by male doctors have a worse chance of survival than those treated by female doctors, a study suggests' The Guardian reports

2018-08-02 17:00:00

'People who abstain from alcohol in middle age may be at heightened risk of dementia later in life, research has found' The Guardian reports

2018-08-01 11:07:00

High-fibre diet ‘can cut stress-related disorders like anxiety and depression' The Sun reports

2018-07-31 17:00:00

'Young women are lacking vital nutrients such as potassium and copper because of trendy diets' reports the Mail Online

2018-07-26 17:00:00

"Middle-aged people who feel dizzy when standing up from a lying-down position may be at a higher risk of dementia or a stroke in the future," reports BBC News, after researchers followed a large group of people in the US for up to 25 years.

2018-07-25 17:00:00

"A simple eye test carried out by opticians could help predict who is at risk of developing dementia," BBC News reports.

2018-07-24 17:00:00

"Rising temperatures linked to increased suicide rates," cautions The Guardian, reporting on a study that appeared to show an increase in suicide during hotter weather in the US and Mexico.

2018-07-19 17:00:00

'Using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches during pregnancy could increase the risk of cot death in newborns, an early study has found' Sky News reports

2018-07-18 15:00:00

"It's oil a myth," states The Sun, while the Daily Telegraph encourages people to "buy more vegetables instead of omega-3 supplements to improve heart health".

2018-07-17 17:00:00

"Fat consumption is the only cause of weight gain!" declares the Mail Online, reporting on a study where mice were exposed to different diets and monitored for weight gain and increased energy intake.

2018-07-13 09:00:00

2018-07-12 17:00:00

'Scientists claim there is 'no convincing evidence' so-called sunshine supplements protect people from memory loss' the Mail Online reports

2018-07-11 17:00:00

'Emerging sex disease MG 'could become next superbug' reports BBC News about a sexually transmitted bacterial infection (STI) called mycoplasma genitalium (MG), which is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics

2018-07-10 15:47:00

'Feeding your baby solids early may help them sleep' is the headline in The Guardian that may catch the eye of many a sleep-deprived new parent

2018-07-09 15:14:00

2018-07-06 17:00:00

'Mums with five healthy habits are less likely to have obese children' the Mail Online reports

2018-07-06 12:00:00

"Sleep apnoea may contribute to dementia by starving the brain of oxygen at night, suggests study," is the headline from The Independent.

2018-07-05 17:00:00

"New blood-thinning drugs [anticoagulants] 'could be far safer than the commonly-prescribed warfarin'," reports the Mail Online.

2018-07-04 14:57:00

"Hundreds of women will be spared from cervical cancer every year when a new test replaces conventional screening," reports the Mail Online.

2018-07-03 15:20:00

"Have another cup of coffee! Six cups a day could decrease your risk of early death by up to 16%," reports the Mail Online.