2018-12-10 17:00:00

'Higher doses of statins could prevent thousands of deaths, research finds' The Independent reports

2018-12-06 17:00:00

'Hypnosis could be an effective way of treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a study has suggested' the Mail Online reports

2018-12-05 17:00:00

'Chemicals found in perfume, hand creams and body lotion may make girls go through puberty months early' the Mail Online reports

2018-12-04 16:00:00

"GPs should prescribe protein powders and weight lifting to pensioners to help reverse frailty," The Daily Telegraph reports.

2018-11-29 17:00:00

'Running is better than weight training at reversing signs of ageing' The Independent reports

2018-11-28 17:00:00

'An analysis of YouTube videos on prostate cancer has found biased and misleading medical information which could harm patients' Sky News reports

2018-11-27 17:00:00

'Strengthening the body against the Epstein-Barr virus could reduce MS's effects' the Mail Online reports

2018-11-22 17:00:00

"Family meals really do improve teenagers' diets and put them on a path to healthy eating in later life – even if home life is dysfunctional," reports the Mail Online

2018-11-21 17:00:00

"Low-protein, high-carb diet may help ward off dementia," reports The Guardian. Researchers studying mice kept on different diets found that mice on either restricted-calorie diets or low-protein, high-carbohydrate diets showed differences in the hippocampus region of the brain compared with mice fed on other diets. The hippocampus plays an important part in memory, especially long-term memory, and the differences seen in this brain region suggest that either of these diets might have a protective effect.

2018-11-20 17:00:00

"Peanut allergy treatment 'in sight'," reports BBC News, on a new study investigating the effectiveness of a new drug to reduce the symptoms seen in people with severe peanut allergies.

2018-11-15 17:00:00

"Low-carb dieters can lose more than 1.5 stone over three years," reports The Daily Telegraph. Researchers in the US carried out a trial involving 164 people who'd already lost weight on a 10-week diet, during which all meals were provided. They assigned them to a further 20 weeks of dieting intended to maintain weight loss.

2018-11-14 18:00:00

"Vitamin D supplements may be pointless for preventing heart disease and cancer," reports the Mail Online. Vitamin D, known as the "sunshine vitamin" because our skin makes it from contact with sunlight, is needed to make strong bones. In recent years, scientists have investigated whether it's also helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) or cancer. This study tested 25,871 adults over the age of 50 in the US, half of whom took high daily doses of vitamin D, over 5 years.

2018-11-14 09:00:00

'Being overweight can cause depression, researchers say, with the effects thought to be largely psychological' The Guardian reports

2018-11-08 17:00:00

'Women who smoke, have diabetes or high blood pressure increase their risk of a heart attack more than men faced with the same risks' BBC News reports

2018-11-07 17:00:00

"'Meat tax' which would almost double price of sausages should be brought in to save lives, say health experts," reports The Daily Telegraph.

2018-11-06 17:00:00

'Nine in 10 operations to remove children's tonsils 'unnecessary'' The Guardian reports

2018-11-01 17:00:00

"Health risk to babies of men over 45, major study warns," The Daily Telegraph reports.

2018-10-31 17:00:00

Going vegan "can 'significantly improve' mental health, reduce diabetes and lower weight," reports the Daily Mirror.

2018-10-30 16:15:00

A new study advises women to leave 12 to 18 months between giving birth and getting pregnant again to reduce health risks to mother and baby.

2018-10-25 17:00:00

'Blood pressure pills taken by millions of patients could raise the risk of lung cancer by almost a third, according to new research' The Daily Telegraph reports

2018-10-24 17:00:00

'A sniff of lavender ‘calms nerves like Valium' claims The Times. The headline should perhaps continue 'at least if you are a mouse' as the research that prompted the headline was carried out in mice

2018-10-23 17:00:00

"Cutting out pesticides by eating only organic food could slash your cancer risk by up to 86 percent, a new study claims," the Mail Online reports

2018-10-18 17:00:00

"Drinking at least 4 cups a day could slash your risk of rosacea by 20%," reports the Mail Online.

2018-10-17 18:00:00

'Every hour kids spend online increases chance of buying junk food by a fifth' reports The Daily Telegraph

2018-10-16 16:00:00

'HPV vaccine does NOT make girls more likely to have 'risky' sex' the Mail Online reports