2019-12-05 17:00:00

“Once-a-month oral contraceptive pill in tests,” reports BBC News on early research by a team in the US.

2019-12-04 17:00:00

Researchers developed a model that shows the risk of having a heart attack or stroke by age 75, for people of different ages, depending on their so-called "bad" cholesterol (non-high density lipoprotein, or non-HDL cholesterol).

2019-12-03 09:46:00

"Cancer drug offers hope of new endometriosis treatment for millions, docs say," The Sun reports.

2019-11-28 07:07:00

"Impact of air pollution on health may be far worse than thought," reports The Guardian.

2019-11-27 12:19:00

"One-off ketamine dose may reduce heavy drinking, say scientists," reports The Guardian. In an experimental study, researchers used a single injection of the drug ketamine to disrupt the pleasurable memories that heavy drinkers associated with drinking alcohol.

2019-11-26 11:18:00

"Air pollution linked to condition that causes blindness in major UK study," reports The Independent.

2019-11-21 11:47:00

"Induction recommended for women still pregnant at 41 weeks," reports The Guardian.

2019-11-20 10:31:00

Study finds no evidence of a link between taking statins and memory loss and cognitive function.

2019-11-18 17:00:00

"Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows," BBC News reports.

2019-11-14 09:19:00

"Blood test for sepsis could save lives of thousands of children by detecting how deadly their condition is," reports the Mail Online.

2019-11-13 11:47:00

"Kids become dramatically less active over their years at primary school, study warns," reports Mail Online following a study on children at 57 schools in the southwest of England.

2019-11-12 17:00:00

"Why the hiccups help a baby learn to breathe more easily," reports The Times of a study looking at newborn babies.

2019-11-07 12:33:00

"Can't sleep? Insomnia means you're at risk of heart attack and stroke," reports The Sun of a study looking at nearly 500,000 people in China.

2019-11-06 16:00:00

Heart patients who are lonely have an increased risk of dying within a year of leaving hospital, new research from Denmark has found.

2019-11-05 15:00:00

"One jog a week is all you need to cut the risk of early death," Sky News reports.

2019-10-31 17:00:00

"Study links taking Tylenol in pregnancy to two-fold higher risks of having children with ADHD and autism – but experts say the household painkiller is an unlikely cause," Mail Online reports.

2019-10-30 10:13:00

"Peanut-allergy therapy 'protection not a cure'," reports BBC News on a study looking at cell behaviour before and after treatment.

2019-10-29 17:00:00

"Risks of cannabis use for mental health treatment outweigh benefits", The Guardian reports

2019-10-24 15:08:00

"Blood pressure pills 'work better at bedtime'," reports BBC News.

2019-10-23 10:54:00

"Number of children with anorexia on the rise, study suggests," reports the Guardian.

2019-10-22 17:00:00

"Ex-pro footballers three times more likely to get dementia from heading balls" reports The Sun

2019-10-17 12:19:00

"Benefits of statins 'are marginal at best' for otherwise healthy people," reports the Mail Online.

2019-10-16 09:17:00

"Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain are more dangerous than was thought,” reports The Telegraph. This follows a study looking into the effects of steroid injections (also called corticosteroid injections) in the hip and knee.

2019-10-15 17:00:00

"Common drug could prevent thousands of injury deaths," reports the Guardian on a study looking at head injury treatment in 29 countries.

2019-10-10 12:27:00

"Smoking just a few cigarettes a day can damage your lungs a study has found," Mail Online reports.