millfield-ext2.jpgUSING OUR SERVICES

The following information is your guide to Millfield Surgery, our Services and our Personnel. If you need further information, please contact Reception and we will do our best to assist you.


Register with the Practice

Please call in to reception with your medical card, or ask to register and the receptionist will provide you with the appropriate form. Upon registration we recommend that you make an appointment with one of the doctors if you are taking repeat medication, for a new registration review. If you are not taking any regular medication, a health check with the Health Care Assistant is recommended, so that we can meet you and establish your medical requirements.

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Register with our Online Services

In co-operation with EMIS, our computer system supplier, we're providing a service that enables you access to your healthcare online. This is a two stage process:

  1. You need to contact our reception team and tell them you wish to register for our online services.  It's very important that only genuine patients are granted internet access. The best way we can ensure this is to issue individual patients with a personalised Registration Letter giving login and identification numbers which will safeguard your confidentiality. You cannot create an account without one. You will need to collect this in person from your practice, bringing photographic ID such as driving licence or a passport. Alternatively, we can post this to your registered address.  
  2. When you have received your letter and account details, click the appropriate link to proceed with your registration.

Each member of the family will need to be registered in the same manner, and all patients aged 16 and over need to request their own registration. 

click here to register.

Once you've created an account you will be able to book and cancel appointments with your doctor and also you are able to request repeat medication.  

We are unable to offer the appointments booking service for our nursing appointments, as the practical services they provide require varying appointment times.

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See your Doctor

All surgeries are by appointment. You can see any of the doctors, but, if possible, if you are seeing a doctor regularly regarding any particular problem, please continue to do so.

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Book an Appointment

Please phone or call in any time between 08:30am and 6pm. Sign up for on-line services and book your appointment on-line. For further assistance, please see our leaflet "Help and Advice with Appointments".

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Book a Home Visit

As the practice covers a large geographical area, please try to see your doctor at the surgery.

If you require a home visit please try to contact the Surgery before 10:30am to help us plan the day.

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Speak to a Doctor

If you feel you do not need to see the doctor but you need some advice, please let the receptionist know and we will arrange for you to speak to the doctor on the telephone. Please try and ring before 10am where possible and the reception staff will take your details for a Doctor to call you back when they are free.

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millfield-int1.jpgOrdering a Repeat Prescription

If you require medication on repeat prescription, we ask you to do this in writing. We provide you with a re-order form along with your prescription. Please tick the required medication and leave the slip in the repeat prescription box in our porch, or in the chemist in Easingwold. You can also send this slip by post, or if the surgery is closed, post it through the letter box. If you have access to a fax machine, you can fax to 01347 823 456.

If you do not have your repeat reorder slip, please write an order including the drug, strength, dosage and quantity. 

Alternatively, to order a prescription online, register with our online services by following the instructions above, or if you have already registered, please click here.

All requests require 2 working days notice to allow us to process the paperwork, and, where applicable, order the medication from our supplier. If you are posting your request or leaving it at the Chemist, please allow extra time to allow it to arrive on our premises.

Any patient who lives more than 1 mile from a pharmacy can have their medicine dispensed at the Surgery Dispensary. For more information, please see our downloadable leaflet “Dispensary Services”. Please note that our dispensary is closed between 12.30 and 2pm.

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Medication Reviews

If you are taking regular medication, you will require regular medication reviews with your doctor. This may be 6 monthly or annually and you will receive a reminder when it is due on your prescription order form. Please make a routine appointment with your doctor or mention it at your next appointment allowing some time before your next prescription is due to avoid problems when we next issue your medication.

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