Surgery Services

Clinic held on Thursday morning by appointment. Booking at 8 weeks with a Midwife, and follow up at appropriate intervals. Your GP is available to provide help and advice, in particular relating to your health during your pregnancy. You will be provided with information regarding the roles of each professional when you attend for your first ante-natal appointment.
Patients are advised to attend for asthma reviews annually with the Practice Nurse. Please bring inhalers.
Please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse when you have received your invitation for your cervical smear from the Screening Department of York Health Trust.
You are advised to have an annual review with your GP and the Health Care Assistant and 6 months later with the Practice Nurse.
The Practice offers a full range of contraceptive services. Please see your GP. Follow up care is provided by the Practice Nurses. This includes contraceptive IUCD (coil) services and contraceptive implants. Please make an appointment to discuss with one of our GP'
Diagnostic and review with Practice Nurse – please bring inhalers.
With the Practice Nurse, Wednesday 9:30am-11.00am. 6 monthly reviews are advised
If you think you are deaf because of wax or if you are deaf and you don't know why, you should see the practice nurse to have the ear checked. If we find it is indeed wax, we will advise the olive oil treatment. We will not contemplate further treatment until we are satisfied the olive oil treatment has been properly conscientiously carried out for at least 4 weeks. If ear wax problems are not resolved after conscientious use of this treatment over an acceptable period of time, you should consult with a suitably trained nurse or your Doctor, to decide on the next course of action.
Annual check with HCA for bloods and BP and discuss results with GP 2 weeks later and a 6 monthly review with a Practice Nurse.
Routine childhood immunisations are given by the Practice Nurses and you will be advised on the current schedule. Travel Immunisations are given by the Practice Nurse, and you are required to complete a travel form in advance of your first appointment in order to assist the Nurse in identifying which immunisations are needed to provide protection for your destination. We are a registered Yellow Fever Clinic. Click here to download travel vaccination form. Pneumonia Vaccines are also given by the Practice Nurse. You will be invited when you turn 65. However, if you have not received one, please ask at reception for advice. Flu Vaccinations are given between October and November to those patients in the Department of Health target groups. If you are not sure whether you are entitled to one, please ask at reception. The Practice currently operates a Saturday morning Flu Clinic during the month of October, during which we offer only the flu vaccine. We aim to vaccinate the majority of our patients on this day. All in the target groups are welcome. We advertise the date in advance and you will be offered this date when you book an appointment.
Due to our rural location the Practice offers a minor injury service to patients with cuts/bruises or other MINOR injuries which may require assessment. We are not an A&E department. You may need to wait to be attended.
The GPs perform certain minor procedures. This will be arranged following a review with your GP.
Basic Health Checks are carried out by our Health Care Assistant.
The District Nurses are specialised in Chronic Wound Care and operate a clinic from the Health Centre. They also provide care of post operative wounds and remove sutures. Please contact our reception for their phone number to make an appointment.

Cancer Care