Advanced Bookings

Appointments on the Day or Urgent Problems

If you are in pain, severe discomfort or distress, you will need to ring the surgery and we will ensure that you speak to a GP that day.

You will be asked for your name, address, telephone number and brief details of the problem and a doctor will call you back to speak to you. They will help to ensure that you see the most appropriate person at the most appropriate time although that may be with another GP or at a more inconvenient time for yourself. Sometimes we find that they can also leave you a prescription or offer help or advice on the telephone.

Speak to Your GP on the Telephone

In order to accommodate those patients who are requesting health advice, medication advice, medication reviews, or who have a problem which does not necessarily need a face-to-face appointment, we can take your name, telephone number and some details about your problem and your doctor will call you back during the day. If you have any restrictions on when you can receive a call please let the receptionist know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

GP Locums

During holiday periods and periods of high demand the Practice employs GP Locums, to provide the additional capacity needed in the appointment system. They will provide the same level of care as your Practice GP.

Health Care Assistant

What does the Health Care Assistant (HCA) do?

Anticoagulation services
Blood Taking
Measures blood pressure
Basic health checks
Tests urine samples
Hypertension reviews

As well as assisting clinicians in other duties.

She does not offer health advice other than that specifically directed by the Clinical Staff.

Blood taking appointments are only available during the morning, as the samples are collected at lunchtime and taken to the Laboratory for testing.

Practice Nurse

The Practice Nurses support the GPs’ work by offering standard nursing duties as well as many routine clinical duties:

Asthma reviews
Baby immunisation
Cervical smears/swabs
Contraceptive advice and checks
COPD reviews
Diabetic reviews
Ischaemic Heart Disease reviews
Post natal checks
Smoking cessation advice
Teenage health checks
Travel immunisation and advice
Vaccinations & advice

As well as assisting GPs in other duties and taking referrals from the GPs.

Inform the receptionist that you need to see a GP today for one of the above reasons, and you will be contacted by whichever GP is triaging telephone calls.
If you have an ongoing health problem which is being treated by 1 GP, inform the receptionist of this and she will try and accommodate this request, however, if that GP is unavailable, it may be better in the short term to deal with the above symptoms as a matter of urgency, and see any available GP. The triage GP will assess this when they call you back.
In this case it would be useful to see that GP, so allow a little time, if possible, when booking your appointment, in case your doctor is unavailable or fully booked for a few days. We have routine appointments available for booking several months in advance, for reviews, check ups, etc and if you know your review will be due in a particular month in the year, allow yourself plenty of time to book an appointment on a day and time suitable to you, with the relevant GP.
We can take your name and telephone number and ask your GP to call you back to discuss any concerns, sample results, and offer advice which doesn’t involve a physical examination. You will be called as soon as the GP is free to make phone calls, however, if you have any restrictions on when you can receive a call please let the receptionist know so we can make a note of this with your details.
If you have an ongoing health problem or chronic disease, you will be aware of the need for frequent reviews. When your GP feels your symptoms are stable and your medication is correct and appropriate, you will then be reviewed by our Practice Nurses or Health Care Assistant who will ensure that you remain in a stable condition. This will either be on a 6 monthly or annual basis.

Further to these duties, the Practice Nurses also offer extensive skills, to support the GPs in their clinical tasks. The Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistant also assist the GPs with Minor Surgery and IUCDs, following an assessment consultation with the GP.

The HCA also offers a range of skills to support the clinical team and you may be asked to book an appointment with the HCA for bloods, prior to a routine GP or nurse appointment.  Please ensure you allow at least a week for the results to come back into the Practice.

Ordering a Repeat Prescription

If you require medication on repeat prescription, we ask you to do this in writing. We provide you with a re-order form along with your prescription. Please tick the required medication and leave the slip in the repeat prescription box in our porch, or in the chemist in Easingwold. You can also send this slip by post, or if the surgery is closed, post it through the letter box. If you have access to a fax machine, you can fax to 01347 823 456.

If you do not have your repeat re-order slip, please write an order including the drug, strength, dosage and quantity.

Alternatively you can register with our online service following the steps below and order your prescription online:

You need to contact our reception team and tell them you wish to register for our online services.  It's very important that only genuine patients are granted internet access. The best way we can ensure this is to issue individual patients with a personalised Registration Letter giving login and identification numbers which will safeguard your confidentiality. You cannot create an account without one. You will need to collect this in person from your practice, bringing photographic ID such as driving licence or a passport.

Alternatively, we can post this to your registered address.

When you have received your letter and account details, click the appropriate link to proceed with your registration.

Please click here to order your prescription online.

All requests require 3 working days notice to allow us to process the paperwork, and, where applicable, order the medication from our supplier. If you are posting your request or leaving it at the Chemist, please allow extra time to allow it to arrive on our premises.

Any patient who lives more than 1 mile from a pharmacy can have their medicine dispensed at the Surgery Dispensary. For more information, please see our leaflet “Dispensary Services”. Please note that our dispensary is closed between 12.30 and 2pm.